Planetarium & City Park Bochum
2 evenings

Planetary nights

At the Planetary Nights in summer 2021, the solar system was not only discussed in the star dome of the planetarium,
but also made physically tangible in the open air in the adjacent Bochum city park.
Using several helium balloons with diameters between 200cm and XNUMXcm in diameter, printed with planetary surfaces and illuminated from within
350cm, a temporary planetary hiking trail was atmospherically staged for a period of two nights. There was also a 6m tall one
Spherical projection body placed in a particularly beautiful location in the city park and with global views of planets
and moons played. All the members of the planetarium and its circle of friends took part in the event with great personal support
Use involved.

background objects

The Planetary Nights went back to a project draft that I created in October 2020 for a local cultural promotion organization.
had created an advertisement (“heimatruhr”). My original idea was to have a large 6m projection body
the city park pond in order to aesthetically incorporate the play with the water reflections into a nighttime planetary hiking trail
to record. Although the planning for this type of implementation was already very advanced, this aspect could
could not be realized due to logistical difficulties.

Nevertheless, the event had its own charm as the planets of the solar system in Bochum's city park in late summer 2021
floated in. Especially for children, who were particularly affected by the then quite extensive restrictions of the Corona period
had suffered, the event offered an extraordinary and beautiful opportunity to discover, explore and dream.

Credits & Info

Project conception, development of projections, planetary print templates
Tobias Wiethoff
Technical management: Sven Giersch
A project by the planetarium and its friends